Have you had relationships that have not gone the way you wanted?

Do you wander from one short-term partnership to another, never seeming to connect at a deeper level?

Never building solid foundations, and ending the relationship at the first problem?

How many times has a relationship broken down and left you wondering ‘How did that happen?’

Being able to understand men’s motives and behavior, and your own inner needs, lets you build a deeper connection, the natural chemistry that supports a healthy relationship but until now, you’ve been guessing. Not anymore. 

Natural Chemistry is the course that can give you the answers you need.

Natural Chemistry is something different because it’s written from experience. 

I’m here to help, I’m not going to ask you to be anything you don’t want to be, 
Natural Chemistry is all about you, helping you understand men and create that deeper connection with your partner.

A genuine, deep relationship is natural, it cannot be forced, and that is what I am offering you, a way to build natural chemistry that brings men to you and keeps them there.

You can do all that now, with Natural Chemistry.

So many of us find ourselves stuck in this position, but there is an answer.

We all want to have that special relationship, it is an important part of life, and without it, it is very easy to feel like you are missing out.

Everywhere you turn, from ads to movies, books and magazines, you see the ideal couple. It can even get to a point when friends and family can seem disappointed if you haven’t quite got it right yet.

That hurts, it makes you feel like you aren’t deserving. Stop that right now. If you take away just one thing from this site today, let it be this: There’s nothing wrong with you!

You can have the relationship you want. You can build natural chemistry with a man.

You just need to know how to.

That is where I come in, the Natural Chemistry Course helps you, not by changing who you are, because you are wonderful. Instead, it helps you understand your own needs better and unlock the motivations and behavior of men that can be so confusing. 

No tricks, products or other rubbish, but the understanding you need to connect with the right man in a meaningful, lasting relationship. Unlock the ability to build the natural chemistry that a successful relationship needs.

This is a course that is designed to help you. Not with simple slogans or other nonsense, but real help to build the relationship you want. Getting that relationship right begins with understanding where others went wrong.

Evaluate past relationships, understand the problems, but without feeling bitter. Each failure is a step to success, and this course helps you accept those failures happily, so you can work on success.


Through the course, you will understand your needs so much better. That means knowing whether a relationship is healthy for you, when to stay and when it’s time to call it quits.

Understand what you need, what works for you, and what is best for you. That power is inside you right now, I want to help you access it whenever you want. With that power, you can create the natural chemistry that a deep, loving relationship is built on.

Throughout the course, you work through your own needs, how you can connect with men without turning them off.

This is a course focused not on men, but on YOU. Always you, your needs, expectations and understanding. Building natural chemistry with a partner is all about your own comfort in the relationship, the right man, the right feelings, the right connection.

Learn how to avoid negative relationships, those men that are just wrong for your needs, learn to and avoid those men, and instead guide yourself to healthy relationships that allow you to thrive.

You’ll never have to wonder again if a man really likes you, or is using you for sex, because you will know yourself with Natural Chemistry.

There are many mistakes that can be made in a relationship, especially if you have struggled in the past. 

You know what it’s like, so sure that this MUST be the one that you end up losing yourself, giving up on who you are just to fit in with what he wants. That is not healthy for you or your partner, it builds resentment, because no matter what you do, inside, the truth always wants to get out. 

That resentment eventually leads to the end of the relationship, arguments, bad feeling, it can’t be hidden forever. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

In a healthy, solid relationship, you can be who you are, no acts, no tricks, the right partner will encourage you to be just that.

You can attract the right partner, once you understand men, and understand yourself, you can have everything you want.

Natural Chemistry is the answer.

Instead of wondering, you will:

  • Become a MASTER of men’s behavior, so you will never be taken for a fool again!

  • Recognize the EXACT type of man you need to avoid for a happier life, take control and make positive choices for your future. 

  • Love someone who is deserving of you, who will improve your life, bring positivity, bring you joy and happiness.

With Natural Chemistry, you won’t have to look far either!

With SUPERCHARGED confidence, you will own your life like never before.

Be ULTRA magnetic to everyone you meet, attract the men you want to attract without tricks or acts, NATURALLY!

This course is for you if:

  • You're dating someone special now, or if you want to ensure that you never lose another relationship or his commitment ever again

  • You feel stuck in a "come closer, go away" relationship

  • You're a single woman, a woman in a short or long-term relationship with a man - or even a gay man - this course will give you the power to transform your distant partner into a loving and attentive man

  • You're not currently in a relationship. This course will prepare you to avoid all the mistakes that usually stop men from fully committing to you

  • You've recently gone through a breakup, and you'd like to win your ex back, this course will keep him from avoiding you

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You like courses with long, pointless exercises and test questions that don't help you

  • You need long, repetitious lectures and content that takes way too long

Here's what you'll find in this course:

WEEK 1: 


This section will show you how to create deep and intense attraction and how to maintain the attraction and connection in the long run. 

  • The most powerful form of male seduction that can KEEP a woman helplessly “addicted” to chasing a man.

  • How to keep a man interested by doing the one thing MOST women are terrified of doing when they find a great guy.

  • An irritating habit that causes high-quality men to stop pursuing a woman almost INSTANTLY.

  • How to "rebuff" undesirable male behavior and get your guy to either take you seriously or take a HIKE!

  • A simple “Ego-Popping” phrase that burns into a man’s memory, keeps you STUCK on his mind, and makes him DESPERATE to see you again.

  • How to seduce a man and MELT his heart by overwhelming him with the ONE THING only the RIGHT woman can give him.

  • A dangerous and common dating mistake that FORCES a man to disappear or “log out” of a relationship...for GOOD.

  • Foolproof dating rules for women (the “Nice Girls”) who feel that men CONSTANTLY take advantage of their love and kindness.

  • How to prevent being the side chick 

  • How to get them to remain in the provider mode and not be whiny bitches 

WEEK 2: 


This section is to help you guys understand men in a rational way. This will help you not overreact to their unpredictable behavior and keep you calm when they begin to act in ways you don't expect. 
You'll learn the following:

  • How men become attached

  • How to PREVENT your man from becoming TOO FEMININE from using strategies of attraction

  • The different types of men and how to identify them

  • Signs that he's the wrong guy

  • How men REALLY fall in love 

  • Traits that he's a keeper and not a player

  • How men develop their types 

  • Why men are visual creatures and how to use that for your advantage

  • How to use men's repressed fantasies in order to create deep and intense connection and MUCH MORE!




This section is all about helping you control your emotions so that you don't sabotage your relationships with insecurities.

  • How to identify your Attachment styles

  • How to control your emotions through meditation

  • Habits that will make controlling your emotions automatic

  • Breaking emotional patterns that sabotage your relationships

  • How to tell the difference between overreaction and when you're in the right about how you feel



The purpose of this section is to teach you how to set boundaries so that your partner respects you and so that you know when its time to leave. You will learn the following:

  • Know why healthy boundaries are important

  • Understand how healthy boundaries are created

  • How healthy boundaries help us enjoy life

  • How to create healthy boundaries

  • Know good boundary communication

  • Know the difference between healthy vs. unhealthy boundaries

  • How to set internal boundaries and let your inner authority run your life and much more!



This section helps women get in touch with their masculine sides. This masculine side fully integrates them as a complete human being. Full of flaws and contradictions. This will allow you to deal with hate, criticism, and above all, finally be at ease with yourself and become magnetic in the process. This part of your character will instantly make you magnetic to the man you're with.  You'll learn the following:

  • Rediscover your Authentic Femininity After Abuse (abuse tends to make you more masculine and its important to learn to trust and lean into your healthy feminine energy)

  • How to free yourself from gender roles and be your authentic self without feeling repressed.

  • You'll learn how to identify the masculine sides of your character

  • How to INTEGRATE your masculine energy with your feminine energy and create a deep bond with your partner as a result of it

  • You'll learn how you project emotions unto others and how it sabotages your relationships

  • How to use your masculine energy to stand up for yourself and not stick in negative, self-destructive relationships and much more

A weekly course that helps you every step of the way, Natural Chemistry is the key to unlocking your future.

But I want you to benefit even more, which is why this course includes these fantastic BONUSES!


The Breakup Formula

  • You will learn how to get over ANY man in a healthy and productive way
  • You’ll learn how to use the pain of a breakup to propel you to greater heights
  • You'll also learn how to make him regret losing you and have the last laugh



This section will teach you how to communicate with your man.

  • How to communicate your standards with a man without fear of losing him

  • How to communicate with your spouse without fighting

  • How to improve communication in your marriage

  • Clearly understand why we all communicate differently

  • Why trust is an essential aspect of effective communication in relationships

  • How to communicate through conflict, even with a difficult spouse

  • Our simple step-by-step plan for effective communication in 7 days or less

  • How to communicate through difficult emotions

  • How to prevent communication problems with your spouse

  • Why your past experiences affect the way you communicate with your spouse

BONUS #3: 


This Bonus will teach you how to establish a social life
full of healthy relationships.

  • How to make friends in any city

  • How to identify toxic friends vs real friends

  • How to avoid creating jealousy among friends

  • How to deepen the connection you have with your current friends and more!



Understand your own social inhibitions and how to overcome them,
be more confident in social settings and enjoy them!
A party invite becomes a key to an adventure, not a passport to purgatory with this course.



This section will help you understand your dark side and integrate it into your personality. Without this, you will fall victim to your dark side and ruin your life by becoming attracted to the wrong men consistently.

  • You'll learn how to see your shadow and how it affects your life

  • How to see the shadow in others early on, especially your partners

  • How to integrate your inner shadow with who you are (this will give you an edge that will make you super magnetic to everyone around you)

  • You'll learn how to use your repressed emotions of pain and disappointment from past relationships in a positive and constructive way

BONUS #6: 


  • Become More Confident, Feel Powerful & In Control

  • Unleash Your Confidence in Social & Professional Situations 

  • Deal With The Fear Of Failure

  • Become Confident in Any New Skill

  • Improve Daily Interactions & Social Confidence

  • Have A Confident Body Language

  • Boost Your Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence With visualization technique and much more!



You will learn how to feel unstoppable while being rooted in reality. You’ll learn how to set your mind on autopilot that will make achieving your goals almost inevitable. You will learn so much because these principles will teach you how to have the right obsessions that will create an almost inevitable feeling that you will achieve your goal.

And you know what’s the best part?

These feelings and thoughts will be GROUNDED IN REALITY.

You will learn how to think BIG in a realistic way. You will learn the synergistic process of transformation and achieving your goals.
These powerful concepts will leave your mind in a post-orgasmic state; a mindgasm.

BONUS #8: 6


  • You will learn how to feel unstoppable while being rooted in reality. 
  • You’ll learn how to set your mind on autopilot that will make achieving your goals almost inevitable. 
  • You will learn soooo much because these principles will teach you how to have the right obsessions that will create an almost inevitable feeling that you will achieve your goal.



Get an even deeper understanding of why we behave the way we do with this exclusive bonus, giving you 6 chapters of this amazing book. I breakdown each chapter and give you ways to apply it in your life.

This section includes:

  • Chapter 1:The Law of Irrationality
  • Chapter 2: The Law of Narcissism
  • Chapter 3: Seeing Through People's Mask

BONUS #10:


Most dating advice base getting results on what you do. They focus their attention on what doesn't matter; the doing. I focus on being. We will go from doing to being. This state of being is an effortless expression of who you are.

This effortless self is who you are, but most people are riddled with insecurity and their truest self never shines through as a result of it. The Transformational Seminar is meant to break those walls down.


BONUS #11:


Testimonial from a student:

"All I can say is this stuff is powerful and it works. Alex keeps up the good work. By you putting everything in clear vivid understanding for us and providing examples. It really is helpful."

That is Natural Chemistry.

A course about YOU, for YOU, to better YOUR life.

No tricks, no manipulation, just a way to understand what you really want, what is best for your needs, so you can find the right man and build the deep connection that you are looking for.


Money-Back Guarantee

I'm very confident that my course is worth spending your time and money on, but I acknowledge that no course is perfect. If you think it does not fit your needs, or if you simply don't like it, I will give you a full refund.  

You will have 30 days to try out my course, so there's no rush. There's absolutely no risk here.

With Natural Chemistry, you can have the amazing relationship you need, want and deserve, not with tricks and other rubbish, but the natural way.

Take control of your own power today, 
order the Natural Chemistry Course and unleash your own potential.

Natural chemistry with a man is your right!

Get your weekly course today, build your understanding of men and yourself, and make the positively changed you!

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10+ Hours of Core Content

BONUS #1 ($99 VALUE)

The Break Up Formula

BONUS #2 ($199 VALUE)

Connecting and Communicating with your Man 

BONUS #3 ($99 VALUE) 

Establishing a Life of Abundance

BONUS #4 ($99 VALUE) 

Social Mastery

BONUS #5 ($99 VALUE)

Understanding your Dark Side

BONUS #6 ($99 VALUE)

Maintaining the Self-Esteem

BONUS #7 ($99 VALUE) 

The Goal Setting Seminar

BONUS #8 ($99 VALUE)

Practical Mastery

BONUS #9 ($99 VALUE)

The Laws of Human Nature

BONUS #10 ($99 VALUE) 

The Transformation Seminar in a Pocket

BONUS #11 ($15 VALUE)

The Chase Audiobook

TOTAL: $1,804

Are you ready to invest $97 to get your dating life handled for good?

Price will go up to $197 once the course becomes fully active for the Silver Package

Here's what people are saying:

  • "Amazing! I love the way Alex teaches. So raw and real!" - Dezeray Farrow

  • "I have watched most of the Utube videos on all of these subjects but in different orders. This course brings them all together in a package that not only helps me remember what I have watched in the past but also as entertaining as hell!" - Shelley Brookland

  • "The details of the course were easy to understand and apply to my life. Thank you!" - Dana Towns

  • "I’m so happy I bought this course. I feel like as a woman, the first thing that needs to happen when you meet a man is you have to snatch his soul. If his soul isn’t snatched, there’s really no point in dealing with him you’ll end up used and heartbroken. These tactics are useful and I believe they should be used ESPECIALLY if you only have good intentions for the man. Meaning you want to create a strong and long-lasting bond. I feel like it’s for the greater good." - Maggie Jefferson

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction
    • Join our private VIP Facebook Page
    • Course Review
  • 2


  • 3


    • Shy Men 101
    • What turns men off
    • Male Nature - 3 Laws
    • Male Nature - Why Some Men Are Feminine
    • Male Nature - What Intimidates Men
    • Male Nature - What Men Need
  • 4


  • 5


    • The Masculine And the Feminine
  • 6

    WEEK 5: Controlling Your Emotions When In Love

    • Controlling Your Emotions When In Love
  • 7

    BONUS 1: The Breakup Formula

    • Introduction
    • Why It's Hard To Get Over An Ex
    • Why Relationships End
    • The Benefits of Being Dumped
    • Step 1: Make Resistance Conscious
    • Step 2: Accept and Surrender
    • Step 3: Having A Purpose and Setting Goals
    • Step 4: Stay Busy
    • Step 5: BONUS
  • 8

    BONUS 2: Connecting And Communicating With Your Man

    • Who NOT To Communicate With
    • Understanding Him From The Inside
    • Understanding His Strength and Weaknesses

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