• Do you struggle attracting and/or KEEPING attractive women in your life?

    If your answer is YES, then this course is for you!

  • Do you find yourself constantly in the friend zone?

    If your answer is YES, then this course is for you!

  • Do you find yourself always chasing women, double texting, and acting like a little bitch?

    If your answer is YES, then this course is for you!

  • Do you lack assertiveness because of your fear of rejection?

    If your answer is YES, then this course is for you!

  • Wouldn’t you love to learn how to make women chase you without having to put in all the effort?

    If your answer is YES, then this course is for you!

Dark Game

is the course where you learn the dark psychological secret to making any woman fall deeply in love with you.

Look, I know how it feels not being able to get girls. I can attest, I used to be a damn youth pastor, so I know how it is to struggle with women. I also know how it feels to be able to get women but not be able to keep them. You always have to be on the chase, never really keeping women around. This is what this Dark Game is all about. It's one of a kind. You’ll learn deep-seated psychological tactics that will make any woman you come in contact with fall in love with you even if you push her away.

And of course, you'll be learning the dark psychological tactics that will poison a woman's mind with the idea of being with you.

Here's what you'll learn in this course:

  • How to reprogram your mind to increase your confidence, self-esteem, influence, dominance, assertiveness, attraction, and magnetism to help you in all social situations
  • How to attract women without memorizing fake chat up lines
  • How to stealthily  and swiftly incept her mind with the idea of being with you (evil but very effective)
  • How to attract women by saying less and not more (and why talking too much about yourself and being too funny actually sabotages you)
  • How to use presence to naturally attract women without needing to chase
  • How to gain the confidence to "be yourself", live in the moment, say what's on your mind, and stop overthinking
  • How to effortlessly project dominance and freedom of outcome without thought or effort
  • How to use awkward silences as a tool to make women chase
  • How to attract women without talking
  • How to get a girl to notice you 
  • How to get any woman to respect you
  • How to find your purpose and increase your value as a man
  • How to reverse the tables and get her chasing

Not only that, but we also have a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don't like the course. No questions asked!

And it doesn't end there, you'll also get these BONUSES!





BONUS #3: 


BONUS #4: 


BONUS #5: 




Understand your own social inhibitions and how to overcome them,
be more confident in social settings and enjoy them!
A party invite becomes a key to an adventure, not a passport to purgatory with this course.



This section will help you understand your dark side and integrate it into your personality. Without this, you will fall victim to your dark side and ruin your life by becoming attracted to the wrong men consistently.

  • You'll learn how to see your shadow and how it affects your life

  • How to see the shadow in others early on, especially your partners

  • How to integrate your inner shadow with who you are (this will give you an edge that will make you super magnetic to everyone around you)

  • You'll learn how to use your repressed emotions of pain and disappointment from past relationships in a positive and constructive way

BONUS #8: 


  • Become More Confident, Feel Powerful & In Control

  • Unleash Your Confidence in Social & Professional Situations 

  • Deal With The Fear Of Failure

  • Become Confident in Any New Skill

  • Improve Daily Interactions & Social Confidence

  • Have A Confident Body Language

  • Boost Your Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence With visualization technique and much more!



You will learn how to feel unstoppable while being rooted in reality. You’ll learn how to set your mind on autopilot that will make achieving your goals almost inevitable. You will learn so much because these principles will teach you how to have the right obsessions that will create an almost inevitable feeling that you will achieve your goal.

And you know what’s the best part?

These feelings and thoughts will be GROUNDED IN REALITY.

You will learn how to think BIG in a realistic way. You will learn the synergistic process of transformation and achieving your goals.
These powerful concepts will leave your mind in a post-orgasmic state; a mindgasm.

BONUS #10: 


  • You will learn how to feel unstoppable while being rooted in reality. 
  • You’ll learn how to set your mind on autopilot that will make achieving your goals almost inevitable. 
  • You will learn soooo much because these principles will teach you how to have the right obsessions that will create an almost inevitable feeling that you will achieve your goal.

BONUS #11:


Get an even deeper understanding of why we behave the way we do with this exclusive bonus, giving you 6 chapters of this amazing book. I breakdown each chapter and give you ways to apply it in your life.

This section includes:

  • Chapter 1:The Law of Irrationality
  • Chapter 2: The Law of Narcissism
  • Chapter 3: Seeing Through People's Mask

BONUS #12:


Most dating advice base getting results on what you do. They focus their attention on what doesn't matter; the doing. I focus on being. We will go from doing to being. This state of being is an effortless expression of who you are.

This effortless self is who you are, but most people are riddled with insecurity and their truest self never shines through as a result of it. The Transformational Seminar is meant to break those walls down.

Testimonial from a student:

"All I can say is this stuff is powerful and it works. Alex keeps up the good work. By you putting everything in clear vivid understanding for us and providing examples. It really is helpful."

I can promise you that if you take this course, you will never chase a woman ever again! I’ll make sure you learn to detest the mere thought of chasing.

Your level of personal pride and esteem will be so high that placing yourself in a submissive position will be out of the question.

By completing this course, not only will you learn how to become the man that every woman wants in her life, but you’ll have a deep understanding of female nature (there’s a whole section on female psychology), and never take the things that women do to you personally. You’ll have the true understanding of what women really are. You will never be fooled by their pretty faces again. You'll learn how to truly find your purpose that will automatically lose the grip that women have on you and liberate you so that you can make your life your number one priority.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

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    • A message from your Instructor
    • Intro
    • New Bonuses For Previous Clients
    • Course Review
  • 2

    A Man With a Purpose

    • 1. The Purpose of your purpose FREE PREVIEW
    • 2. Discovering your purpose
    • 3. The keys to finding your purpose
    • 4. Dealing with weaknesses
    • 5. Avoiding false paths
    • 6. Becoming a long term thinker
    • 7. Being on your purpose at work
  • 3

    Female Psychology

    • FEMALE NATURE - 1. Self interested creatures
    • FEMALE NATURE - 2. Don't expect complete honesty
    • FEMALE NATURE - 3. Women are drawn to value
    • FEMALE NATURE - 4. They're natural helpers FREE PREVIEW
    • FEMALE NATURE - 5. Women hate the feeling of being replaceable
    • FEMALE NATURE - 6. Don't Trust Women
    • FEMALE NATURE - 7. Women are always trying to gain power
    • FEMALE NATURE - 8. The weapons women use againts you
    • FEMALE NATURE- 9. Women will test your strength
    • FEMALE NATURE - 10. Women want to be dominated
    • FEMALE NATURE - 12. Pre-selection determines attraction
    • FEMALE NATURE - 11. How women show interest
    • FEMALE NATURE - 12. She's not yours FREE PREVIEW
    • FEMALE NATURE - 13. High interest women
  • 4


    • THE MINDSET: Have an Intense Desire
    • THE MINDSET: The Power of The Self Image
    • THE MINDSET: The Winning Feeling
    • THE MINDSET: Be Selfish
    • THE MINDSET: Projecting Masculinity
    • THE MINDSET: The mentality of alpha males
    • THE MINDSET: Value Your Attention
  • 5

    Outer Game

    • OUTER GAME - Using Vulnerability FREE PREVIEW
    • OUTER GAME - After The Date
    • OUTER GAME - Creating competition
    • OUTER GAME - Damage Control
    • OUTER GAME - How to go for the kiss
    • OUTER GAME - Don't kiss women
    • OUTER GAME - Getting her number
    • OUTER GAME - Hacking and instilling ideas in her mind
    • OUTER GAME - How to validate
    • OUTER GAME - How to Validate Her Without Losing Interest
    • OUTER GAME - Online game
    • OUTER GAME - Approaching, Transitioning and Closing
    • OUTER GAME - Strategy for when women pull away
    • OUTER GAME - Easiest Way to Get Threesomes
    • OUTER GAME - When conversation goes bad
    • OUTER GAME - Creating jealousy using Facebook and/or Instagram
    • OUTER GAME - How to Qualify a Woman During Conversation
    • OUTER GAME - Using silence
    • OUTER GAME - The pace of relationship
  • 6


    • Farewell
  • 7


    • Overcoming Approach Anxiety
    • Why you can't take action
    • Dickens pattern to change your mentality
    • From open to transition
    • The Goal Setting Seminar
    • The Pickup Home Study Course